Introducing Frame It: An Arbitrum x Farcaster Buildathon

3 min readMay 21, 2024


We’re excited to announce that Arbitrum transaction support is now live on Farcaster!

To celebrate Arbitrum’s integration on Farcaster, we’re hosting Frame It: A Buildathon for developers to create Frames, with $500,000 in retroactive rewards. Starting now you can build Frames with direct Arbitrum transaction support giving Frame builders and users direct access to one of the biggest blockchain communities, Arbitrum.

Boasting a user base of over 350,000 accounts and over 59 million casts according to, Farcaster is leading the charge of bringing social onchain. Combine this with well over 600 teams building on Arbitrum and ever growing community, we’re excited to see what builders will be able to create as a result of this integration.


In total we’ll be allocating $500,000 total for Frame devs. $450,000 for Frame It and $50,000 reserved for IRL events such as Frameathons, meetups, workshops, etc. The first Farcaster x Arbitrum Frameathon will be held in NYC with $20,000 available in prizes for those who attend and create Frames! Details to be announced soon.

As for Frame It, builders will have the opportunity to have their Frames embedded in casts by the main Arbitrum account on Warpcast.


For Frame builders, we encourage you to get creative and think about what will drive usage for your Frame. You could build an NFT minter, a token deployer, put your existing DeFi app into a frame, etc. The point is to get creative and build what hasn’t been built before!

Eligibility details:

  • Frames must have an onchain component that lives on Arbitrum One (in-frame txs)
  • Frames that interact with Arbitrum Nova or other Arbitrum Orbit chains also may qualify
  • Frame tooling / infrastructure that supports Arbitrum also qualifies
  • Frames submissions must be by the original developer
  • Frames must be deployed and live, bonus points for ones that go viral

Please allow for up to 4 weeks for review of your Frame to see if it is eligible for retroactive rewards. Reward amount per Frame will vary depending on the impact of the Frame both onchain and socially, alongside how much remains of the initial budget.

Epoch 1 starts now and ends in 2 weeks on June 4th at 12pm EST. Each epoch will last for 2 weeks and end at 12pm EST on the last day of the epoch. Amount of epochs vary depending on the budget left within the campaign.

You can submit your Frame for review here.


We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. So, here are some links that might help you during this event.

  • Make sure you’re following us on Farcaster here.
  • To get started on building with Frames, check out Farcaster’s docs here.
  • If you’ve never built on Arbitrum before, you can check out some example tutorials to get started.


  • How long will Frame It last?
    Frame It will be roughly 9 epochs long or 18 weeks, mainly depending on how much funding is spent each week, which will be a product of how many frames are created and submitted.

Epoch 1 ends June 4th, 12pm EST
Epoch 2 starts June 4th 12pm EST and lasts until June 18th 12pm EST
Epoch 3 starts June 18th 12pm ESt and lasts until July 2nd 12pm EST.

  • How winners are elected or how will the pool prize be divided?

The Arbtitrum Foundation will be hand selecting frames that meet the criteria. If builders go above and beyond just creating the frame, like if the frame goes viral or there’s a lot of usage, then a higher price will be rewarded.

Create more, build faster, with the freedom of Arbitrum, on Farcaster.




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